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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Dinner Buffet – 2019 Year Of The Pig


1,000 THB Net Per person



Assorted Dim Sum (Dumpling, Suimai, Hakao), Vegetables Spring rolls,

Golden shrimp ball, Rice cake, Mushroom egg custard,

BBQ pork rib, Char siu chicken wing


Fish maw soup, Crab soup


Fields green leaves, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomato, sweet onion,

broccoli with sesame soy vinaigrette, almond cream dressing,

1000s island, orange citrus vinaigrette, Chinese chicken salad,

Sesame fish salad, Duck & Orange salad, Mushroom salad, Shrimp noodle salad


Wonton Soup, Noodle Soup, Hunan Crispy Pork

Peking Duck , Szechuan Roasted Beef, Condiments BBQ Chinese sauce

Black vinegar, Honey plum sauce, Pickle ginger and Scallion


Steamed sea bass with light soy sauce & mushroom

Orange Chicken, Braising pork leg Hunan style

Stir fried seafood five spices, Long noodle with carrot & scallion

Four kind vegetables in Almond sauce, Glutinous Rice Cake

Steamed Jasmine rice


Tangyuan (Sweet Rice ball), Assorted Chinese dessert

Seasonal fruit cut, Fortune Cookies


Chinese New Year is a Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the Chinese calendar.

The festival is usually referred to as the Spring Festival in modern China.

Observances traditionally take place from the evening preceding the first day of the year to the Lantern Festival, held on the 15th day of the year.

The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February.


Chinese New Year - 2019 Year Of The Pig

In 2019, the first day of the Lunar New Year will be on Monday 4 February, initiating the Year of the Pig.


Chinese New Year is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated festivals, and therefore, the largest annual

mass human migration in the world. It is a major holiday in China and has  influenced the

lunar new year celebrations of China’s neighbouring cultures, including the Korean New Year (seol), the Tết of Vietnam, and the Losar of Tibet.

Countries worldwide also celebrate with significant Chinese populations. In other words

Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and Mauritius, as well in North America and Europe.


Chinese New Year - 2019 Year Of The Pig

The festival was traditionally a time to honour deities as well as ancestors.


Within China, regional customs and traditions concerning the celebration of the New Year vary widely, and the evening preceding

Chinese New Year’s Day is frequently regarded as an occasion for Chinese families to gather for the annual reunion dinner.


Chinese New Year - 2019 Year Of The Pig


It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly clean their house, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for

incoming good luck. Another custom is the decoration of windows and doors with red paper-cuts and couplets. Popular themes among these paper-cuts and couplets include that of good fortune or happiness, wealth, and longevity. Therefore activities include lighting firecrackers and giving money in red paper envelopes.

Source : Wikipedia


Chinese New Year - 2019 Year Of The Pig

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