Novotel Phuket Resort - Family & Business trip hotel - Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet

2,500 THB Net Per person


Antipasties & Cocktail

Smoked Salmon with Dill Cream cheese
Italian Bruschetta
Vegetable crud it with Thousand Island
Brie cheese with selection of dried fruit


Hors d’Oeuvres

Shrimp Cocktail, Vietnam Roll, Mini Crab Cake, Foie gras Terrine
Beet root salmon gravlax, Lemon honey dill gravlax, Thai herb spiced gravlax


Healthy Salad Bar

-Mixed garden green leaves lettuce, Onion, Carrot, Tomato cherry, Sweet corn, Red Bean, Capsicum, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Beet root

-Potato Salad, Seafood salad ,Chicken Pasta Salad, Chicken fajitas Salad, Yellow curry rice Salad, Turkey salad, Scallop with rocket and capsicums salad


Japanese Sushi & Maki roll Station

Salmon, Tuna, Crab stick, Octopus, Chukka With Wasabi and Kikkoman sauce and condiment


Live Station Caesar Salad

-Caesar salad with grilled chicken, Mexican Shrimp, Crouton, Parmesan cheese and Signature Caesar dressing


Cold Cut

-Parma Ham
-Beef Carpaccio
-Mushroom Herb
-Pepper Mortadalla
o-Meat Loft

Served with Black olive, Green olive, Capper, Oil, Balsamic vinegar


Fresh Oyster Corner & Seafood

-The best oyster from SURATTHANEE with Thai condiment


Bread Station

-Bread Station with butter, Balsamic and Olive oil



-Tex-Mex Taco, corn chip with condiment
-Samosa with mint sauce and species tamarind sauce
-Grilled chicken skewer with Texas BBQ sauce
-Gyoza with condiment
-Goong Sarong- fried sea prawns wrapped with Phuket fine noodle and mango sauce
-Bruschetta Aglio
-Break cheese stick



-Truffle mushroom soup with French garlic bread
-Thai spicy prawn soup


Cheese Board station

With Papaya dried fruit, Pineapple dried fruit, Kiwi dried fruit and Crispy Bread


BBQ Seafood Live Station

-Sea prawns
-Sweet clam
-Vegetables & Chili skewer
-Sea bass
-Blue crab
-Rock lobster
-New Zealand Mussel
BBQ Meat Lover

Beef Tenderloin, Pork Steak, Lamb chop, Chicken steak With BBQ hot spicy Sauce, Apple sauce, Black pepper sauce, Mushroom sauce Mint Sauce, Garlic Butter sauce, Ketchup sauce, Spicy Chili Sauce, Spicy Seafood sauce, Tartar Sauce, Red wine sauce and Lemon yellow wedges, Lime wedges


Carving Station

-Roasted Turkey Stuffing with Pate and Raspberry sauce
-Baked red snapper with rock salt
-Roasted Beef with Red wine sauce and Grilled Vegetable


Main Dishes

-Indian lamb Masala with garlic nan bread
-Salmon Ratatouille
-Thai Massa man curry duck with potato & Onion
-Vegetables Au Gratin
-Turkey stuffing roll with spinach and mushroom cream sauce
-Mexican chicken Fajitas with corn tortilla and condiment
-Green curry chicken
-Roasted NZ beef tenderloin with blue cheese pot wine sauce
-Italian Rice Risotto
-Steam Rice
-Spanish seafood rice paella



-Ice cream and condiment
-Red jelly Green Coconut panna cotta (X-Mas concept)
-Cake Variety
-Novotel cookie
-X-mas Chocolate by design
-Sweet mango with sticky rice
-Sweet French crape strawberry
-Coconut cream bure
-Apple nut pie
-Choc ball
-Black forest cake


Phuket Fruit in season

-Phuket pineapple
-Dragon fruit
-Fruit in seasons


Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet 2018

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