Choosing the Right Wedding Resort in Phuket: A Practical Guide

Phuket Wedding Resort Guide: Find Your Perfect Venue

Phuket has become a prime destination for weddings in recent years. If you have decided to get hitched in this tropical paradise, you might find the number of wedding packages Phuket offers a little daunting, so we want to tell you exactly what a wedding venue in Phuket should provide for your special day.


Wedding Resorts in Phuket: Finding the perfect venue

A good wedding venue in Phuket should be able to offer whatever your heart desires. Most resorts will have multiple settings for the ceremony, providing you with the perfect environment to create your dream wedding. 

When enquiring about Phuket wedding packages, remember to ask about catering, photographers, musicians, and anything else you want to include. They will strive to create the day you always envisioned.

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Other things to consider when choosing your wedding venue in Phuket

As well as the perfect venue, what wedding hotel in Phuket will meet your expectations? Most wedding packages in Phuket will include a hotel. Still, seeing as you want this to be the most unforgettable and enjoyable experience of your life, it is good to ensure perfection. 

You also want it to be as romantic as possible. Finding a luxury spa in Phuket is an absolute must. Find out about the honeymoon suite and any other romantic bonuses they can throw into your wedding package.

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Are you planning a wedding in Phuket?

If you are considering Phuket as the destination to celebrate your big day, Novotel Phuket Resort can offer the perfect wedding ceremony; whether you want a traditional Thai or Western celebration, we have the venue, staff, facilities, and everything else you need to make your dream day come true. Our meeting rooms on Patong Beach can host glamorous parties, and our beachfront spaces will give you a flawless setting. So please browse our Phuket weddings packages or contact our expert wedding planning team today.



What factors should I consider when choosing a wedding resort in Phuket?

You should ensure your wedding venue in Phuket can provide you with everything you need and find out how much of the planning they are willing to take on, so you can be involved as much or as little as you want. 

What questions should I ask the wedding resort before making a reservation?

You should prepare a list of everything you want them to provide. An excellent place to start is your ideal setting, catering, music, and reception.  

Are there any legal requirements or permits needed for a wedding in Phuket?

You will need to visit the embassy in Thailand and acquire a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage. Your resort should be able to guide you through this process and make it as easy as possible. 

Can the wedding resort accommodate special requests or customisation for my wedding?

Of course, if there is anything you want in addition to the wedding package you have chosen, your resort should be able to make it happen. The vast majority of Thailand wedding venues on the island have the experience and expertise to cater to your every need.

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