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Why choose a hotel in Patong Beach?

Why choose a hotel in Patong Beach?

Whether you’ve visited these blissful shores before or not, traveling to Thailand is an exciting time for anyone. Phuket is one of the country’s most popular beach destinations with couples, singles, and families alike that offers a fantastic balance of Patong beach hotels, shopping, dining, nightlife, and adventure activities.

The beauty of Patong Beach

When it comes to a vacation in Phuket, Patong Beach is one of the most highly sought-after destinations on the island. This stunning beach is lined with some of the best hotels you will find in Phuket, ideally positioned for the most spectacular ocean views with some even featuring direct beach access.

Stunning views of the Andaman Sea are complemented by the collection of restaurants, cafes, and bars that dot the shoreline. Some of the many popular Patong Beach hotspots include bars, nightclubs, and cabaret shows which are located along the famed Bangla Road. For those looking to experience the very best of Phuket, a visit to Patong Beach is an absolute must.

Types of hotels available in Patong Beach

If you are looking for the perfect hotel in Patong Beach, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. This area offers an extensive selection of hotels with everything from local guesthouses to social hostels to major international resorts being located in this central hotspot.

Being the popular locale that it is in Phuket, Patong Beach has styles of accommodation to suit almost every kind of traveler. Singles will enjoy the selection of hostels with social vibes, couples will enjoy a selection of mid-range to high-end hotels and for families, there is a range of resorts with a swimming pool or two that the children can enjoy.

Stay in or go out

When looking for the right kind of hotel in Patong Beach to suit your vacation plans, you will need to consider whether you will be spending most of your time in the hotel or if you are planning on venturing out to get involved with the local party scene.

Patong is known for having some of the best nightlife in Phuket so if this is your focus, then a Patong hotel could be the perfect choice for you. For those who are more interested in spending time with family and just enjoying the beach, then a resort in Patong Beach might be a better option.

For families looking for a quiet vacation, Patong Beach is still an idyllic location as it has large family-oriented resorts that are designed to take care of every person in your travel group from the youngest to the oldest members.

A melting pot of cuisines

Patong beach is renowned for showcasing a melting pot of international and Thai cuisines. From affordable street food to fine dining restaurants, you will have an array of dining options if you choose to base your vacation at a hotel in Patong Beach.

All hotels in Patong will offer a range of in-house dining options if you don’t feel like venturing out and some will even offer all-inclusive packages that you can opt for. Patong Beach hotels are known for their multiple dining outlets from casual cafes and rooftop bars to the finest restaurants.

The best choices for a hotel in Patong Beach

From intimate accommodation options to a stunningly modern hotel like the Novotel Phuket Resort, there is something for everyone when it comes to hotels in Patong. Each of your options will come with a variety of facilities, décor, and floorplans making your options for finding a great hotel in Patong Beach as easy as can be.

There will be a plethora of room options you can choose from ranging from basic accommodations to luxurious suites that will suit every style and budget. With such a broad collection to choose from, there will be something in everyone’s budget for a hotel in Patong Beach that puts you in the very heart of everything that is great about Phuket.

Hotel facilities that add to your stay

Whether you are an adventurous traveler looking for the ideal base from which you can head out exploring every day or you are the kind of person that enjoys waking up to a refreshing dip from your pool access room in Phuket, you should choose a hotel with the facilities that are most suitable for you.

For some, a pool bar is a feature that will add beautifully to their time spent by the pool while for others, finding the best hotel spa in Patong might be key to the ideal vacation. Whatever it is that will make your time in Phuket truly memorable, there is a hotel in Patong Beach that will offer it.

Prime location for exploring

If you are considering where to stay in Phuket, then Patong Beach offers a fantastic location where you can create a base to explore the best of the island. A hotel in Patong Beach will be central to many of the island’s best activities.

Within 30 minutes you can reach many of the island’s best experiences. Waterfalls and nature reserves, tiger and elephant sanctuaries, Phuket town, and other popular beaches are all easily reached on a drive that is 30 minutes or less.

The gateway to some of Phuket’s most famous islands is a mere 45-minute drive away from hotels on Patong Beach making this a location that is not only beautiful for the days that you just want to relax but convenient for the days that you want to go exploring too.

Meeting your business needs

Phuket town and Patong Beach are not only locations that cater to leisure travelers. You will find many hotels in Patong Beach that offer an incredible selection of business services and facilities to meet the corporate traveler’s needs.

Those that are looking for meeting rooms in Phuket to conduct their business in style will find plenty of options available in the larger resorts in the area. Together with business services such as 24-hour business centers, full audio-visual complements, function rooms, and more, Phuket could be the ideal destination to find the right hotel for your next corporate event.

Fall in love with Patong Beach

Whether you’re visiting Phuket to experience the best party atmosphere in the bars and clubs of Bangla Road or you are looking for a relaxing island vacation that offers the best Andaman Sea views, Patong Beach has everything you could need.

Choosing the right hotel in Patong Beach to suit your vacation style will allow you to truly fall in love with this incredible destination. It is important to understand where the hotel is located, whether it has direct beach access or the right kind of swimming pool to meet all of your expectations.

The hotel that you chose to stay in, no matter where in the world you are located can have a big impact on your enjoyment of the destination as a whole. With a stunning property like the Novotel Resort Phuket, the service, the impeccable facilities, and the stunning décor of the stylish guest rooms and suites will be sure to impress. All the while helping you to truly fall in love with Patong Beach as one of the best destinations in Phuket.

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