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Dive into Tranquillity with Irresistible Spa Packages in Phuket

There are many reasons why people visit Phuket, but the number one thing that brings people to this serene paradise is a chance to unwind. Its turquoise palm-treed shoreline, heavenly backdrop, and lush gardens make it one of the most relaxing locations on Earth. However, one thing unique to the culture enhances this experience; we are talking about spa packages in Phuket. If you are heading to Thailand’s largest island for a blissful getaway, we encourage you to try the best spa in Patong

Experience true Thai blissfulness

Phuket massage services strive to adhere to traditional Thai customs. In Thailand, massages are not solely about physical or stress relief but are deeply intertwined with their rich spiritual and cultural traditions. They derive from an ancient understanding of the body’s energy pathways, using a combination of natural local ingredients that have been part of traditional Thai medicine for generations. This means that when looking for a spa around Patong, you will find professionals using the same therapeutic techniques that have been around for centuries. You will have never experienced anything so blissful.

Unbeatable Signature Spa treatments 

Novotel Phuket Resort is a 4-star hotel on Patong Beach that promises absolute luxury and serenity. We are also proud to provide some of the best spa packages Phuket offers. Our signature spa packages include the Novotel Dream Package, which combines three of Thailand’s most popular therapies. 

Our spa packages in Phuket also focus heavily on keeping it traditional, natural and local. The herbal compress (Lok Pra Kob) in our packages uses a mixture of locally sourced ingredients such as lemongrass, turmeric, kaffir lime leaves, camphor, and tamarind leaves. It involves compressing steamed pouches against the body to provide an irresistibly soothing effect, an ancient Thai healing tradition. Another popular choice our Phuket massage services provide is a traditional Thai foot massage. This technique involves hands-on stretching and stimulation of reflex points, following the ‘Sen’ energy lines. In Thai culture, feet are considered the lowest point of the body, so giving them attention is a gesture of humility and service. 

Ultimate relaxation: A shared experience 

If you travel with friends or a loved one, the Phuket massage services that Novotel Phuket Resort offers can also be enjoyed in pairs and groups. There is nothing like sharing this cultural and blissful experience with somebody close.

Couple’s Retreat – If you are with your soulmate, you can opt for a couples massage and delve into a world of relaxation with the one you love. Each of our packages can be tailored to a couple’s experience. You and your partner will feel fantastic as you bask in your post-massage euphoria. If you want to experience romance like never before, Novotel Phuket Resort also offers a selection of rooms and special packages to suit all your desires. These, indeed, are the number one spa packages in Phuket.

Pre-Wedding-Bliss – Novotel Phuket Resort offers the perfect spa packages in Phuket for bridal parties. If you or someone you know is planning the dream destination wedding, you can whisk yourselves into a world of calmness to feel ready for that special day with a bridal party package.

How to get started on creating the perfect getaway

Booking yourself into the best spa in Patong is easy. All you need to do is head to the Le Spa section of the Novotel Phuket Resort website, read the menu, and request a booking. Alternatively, you can chat with the team to tailor a package to suit your needs; anything is possible at Le Spa. Another tip to make your holiday perfect is choosing a room and restaurant package that ensures every moment of your getaway counts.

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